In Grabe they follow Their Customers in The development of productive production units and with a tall grabe level of flexibility through the creation of industrial supplies solutions having the innovative production technologies and industrial company.

This support Encourages the rise in the competitiveness of its clients, gives personality with their production processes, reduces their shipping requirements of the goods they generateand promises their supply and the joys of their products and services they give, and creates limited margins and a lot other ailments.
It’s a company That offers options of high technological degree and in a personalised manner of its industrial procedures of aeration, agitation, pumping, separation, dosing, storage, one of other procedures that can be related to some segment of their industry.

Grabe is still a Business which Works from the industry related to industrial processes, promoting their development and growth. The industrial products industry in Brazil has allowed a industrial maturation of the South American big that’s contributed for the country becoming on the list of 10 most crucial markets on the planet and being the most significant market in Latin America.

It’s a Industrial Spouse of the pulp and paper industry, mining, steel, oil, aeronautics, propane, petro chemicals, bioethanol, legumes, sciences, chemistry and lots of different industries. Its Major customers are businesses with a proven track record such as Petrobras, Henkel, Bayer, Arcelor, Ambev, Heinz, C.Vale, Vale, Kinross, Klavin, Copasa, Amongst Others.

Grabe develops industrial Equipment complying with all international high quality standards and with the highest technology. The team of professionals who it has has worked for over 30 years at the area of engineering, designing and manufacturing of industrial equipment applications.
They provide their own Customers variability, efficiency and speed in the creation of solutions to industrial procedures because it really is one of the very few companies that utilizes its equipment within the procedures of boilermaking, machining, processing and welding of plastics, and will not utilize third events from these methods simply because they believe them key.

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