America’s love affair with cowboy guns leather shoulder holsters is being rekindled with brand new Variants of the older capturing iron. Also leading to this resurrection, popular cowboy action shooting competitions for example Wild Bunch. Joined to people in ordinary use by ranchers and seekers. The sleeve fabricating industry can be included in presenting the newest & many well-designed cowboy sleeves.

Kirkpatrick Leather Corporation is a pay manufacturing firm that has Been in the company for 70 years. They have devoted themselves to turning the manufacture of leather covers into artwork, manufactured available, by professional and skilled painters. Having a continuing procedure for enhancing their designs so that the wants of their clients are satisfied. The warranty is the perfect match for your weapon, the best superior leather, and also incomparable service.

Kirkpatrick provides you with its variety of leather covers :

Cowboy holsters are personalized, resistant to daily Usage, Durable and secure, completely wrapped in leather, and double seams. Styles include 1800s reproductions, timeless television, along with western movies. Besides cowboy action sleeves for rivalry and shed leg.

Leather shoulder holsters, they are created to quantify and in three different styles To pick from Detective have, straightforward structure, with an individual cover and a comfortable tap that’s hand-molded to the lightest leather. X-Carry structure, having a exact flexible and extremely light exploit, a exact elastic strap so that movements aren’t hindered. The HD-Carry, particularly for heavy weapons, of great immunity and comfortable wide harness.

Completely lined in leather and also having a perfect fit due to its hand molding.

Kirkpatrick covers are not merely operational but also beautiful. Top quality IWB, OWB, and shoulder holsters are offered for 1911. Also, custom made Glock, Sig Sauer, 1911 holsters, and other revolvers. Free transportation.