Together with the Pandemic caused by COVID-19, colleges have been closed in the USA and all countries of the planet. That is why teach to one: math parents and teachers face a struggle in making the transition from conventional to virtual or remote learning fast. With this system, you can achieve this transition to personalized learning from house.

This revolutionary Method attempts to find and locate students and adapt them into virtual and distant learning. A learning model developed by New Classrooms Innovation Partners that are located in New York. A nonprofit organization is encouraging dozens of colleges to change the learning model, to get a virtual and more comfy one.

Model based on the integration of multiple remote learning models. Not only with math, but incorporating the entire traditional educational version with the virtual reality, visiting their site, you will see more information about it.

On this website, Take into account that the lives of teachers and students changed drastically and unimaginably. You have taken advantage of these favorable aspects as well as the advantage of the distant and personalized learning system, Thus greatly bringing classrooms dwelling.

Lessons and assessments tailored to the student’s unique strengths and needs. This new system integrates the old school way of instructing together with the newest classes and evaluation system via Online.

Teaching one Numerous learning experiences directed by teachers and separate collaborators. Personalized for every student Daily, to keep the instigation initiative Active schools throughout the country has made a quick transition into what may be The future of instruction globally.