Inlesee Myanmar (also referred to as Irrawaddy) is one of the many regions in central Myanmar that has a long and varied history. The town is located along the Burmese border and is surrounded by lush tropical jungle. While not quite as well-developed as the other main towns in the country, Inlesee offers many tourist attractions such as the Burmese River which has its main source just east of the town. This river flows through the central region of the country and provides the town with a good Inlesee source of fresh water and fish.

Burmese cuisine is very similar to that found in most parts of Thailand, so Inlesee Myanmar cuisine is also very popular amongst Thai expats who come to the area. One thing you should be aware of though, is that Inlesee has a distinct “Burma-like” flavor to it – especially if you have had Burmese food while there in Thailand or Myanmar itself. That being said, there are plenty of restaurants where Burmese food is served as well. Some are more authentic than others but still provide a delicious dish that will please even the pickiest of eaters. These include places such as the Inlesee Hotel, a three-star hotel that features many traditional Burmese dishes including some that are not traditionally served in Myanmar.
The Burmese market is another good option for dining out in Inlesee. It doesn’t offer a wide selection of local foods, but the market offers a good variety of Western foods. Westerners typically find that the food served here is slightly different from what they are used to, but it still is usually very good food. The most popular items are the typical soups that are made with rice, chicken or beef and many people find that the meat in the soup adds some unique flavors that other restaurants in the area cannot provide. There are many other delicacies that are available as well, but these are the basics of Burmese and Western fare in Inlesee. If you want to try more exotic dishes, you can find them anywhere in the country as well, but it may take you longer to locate them in these parts of the country.