Wine is an alcoholic beverage. It is prepared by fermentation of grapes. If a person buys Chianti Classico or any other wine it can be effective in treating heart diseases, stomach infection, diabetes, ulcers but there is still not any practical evidence that provide support to these benefits. However, if wine i.e. organic chianti wine (vino chianti biologico)etc. are beneficial for health in moderate level then its overuse can cause serious health hazards as well.

Harmful effect of wine on human health:
• Ethanol present in wine can block nerve paths in brain.
• Wine is toxic in nature. It is the function of liver to flush out these toxins from body. Liver would not be able to expel all the toxins if a person drinks too much which can ill liver cell and cause cirrhosis. Too much consumption of alcohol can also cause alcoholic fatty liver disease which can cause liver failure.
• Overconsumption of wine can cause pancreatitis which is a very painful inflammation of pancreas. The inflammation causes premature stimulation of proenzymes to pancreatic enzymes and chronic exposure to acetaldehyde, and other chemical in the pancreas caused by alcohol injury. About 70 percent of people are the victims of pancreatitis who overconsume wine.
• Drinking wine too much can reduce immunity and cause infectious diseases i.e. pneumonia and tuberculosis. It can also cause a drop in quantity of white blood cells.
• Overconsumption of alcohol can cause blurred vision, memory lapse, slurred speech and difficulty in walking. Alcohol is central nervous system depressant which can slow down the processing of information and cause difficulty in solving problems.
• Alcohol consumption can lead to malnutrition and vitamin deficiency. This is because digestive systems become unable to proper break macro-nutrients and get energy from them. They failed to absorb from small intestine to blood stream.