Install the Stellar Wallet for Android to keep XLM within a Secure and simple Crypto wallet. Send, receive and save Lumens by way of totally free crypto currency wallet.

Access your funds out of some other cellular phone with Access to internet. Purchase Stellar using your debit or credit card by your Google engage in app.

Stellar Community Could Be your first fully Automated android wallet. Even the stellar account viewer not working employs the Shapecash technology that will assist spent your money as you would spend on any different currency.

Go for an online wallet That Operates together with Big merchants. It permits you to spend your cash the same manner you would invest it using the stores, by accessing your harmony through your mobile phone.

Paying your cash the secure manner ensures That you are coping together with trusted organizations and avoiding possible fraud.

The Stellar Workstation, additionally Known as the Stellar Wallet, is an entirely featured android wallet that provides you all of the benefits of the traditional offline currency wallet combined with the security and privacy of a modern internet based one.

It is designed to utilize any Internet-connected smartphone. It follows that you can employ your Lumen wallet on anything that supports online browsing, even if it’s the case that you do not have an internet relationship.

You can transfer your Lumens between your own Accounts, purchase stuff, pay bills and make residue with ease. All transactions are totally transparent and secure. Transactions are handled by the Shapecash system therefore you will never be stuck in the midst of an transport and also reduce your Lumens.