Laser cutting refers into this manufacture process that uses laser machines A thin- concentrated laser to cut and etch materials into desired patterns, styles and layouts. This method is thermal-based and no-contact is ideal to lower materials like paper, wood, steel, gemstones and vinyl.

The Elements of laser machines
• Laser Cutter frame
• Laser Generator
• Lenses
• CNC System
• Regulated Power
• Control Stage
• Motor
• H2o chiller
• Regulated Powersupply
• Laser Cutting head
• Air Compressor
• Air Cooling drier
• Infection extractor
• Slag Discharge machine
Uses of laser machines
a) Scientific
• Interferometric Methods
• Raman spectroscopy
• Atmospheric Remote sensing
• Lasers Have been utilized to make artificial laser guide celebrities

B) Heat-treatment: the laser machines let Hardening of certain surfaces with all the minimal source of wear and tear or distortion.

C) Post: research has been conducted into Induce radar and rain using elevated power laser machines.

D) Photochemistry: through the process of Mode-locking, selected laser systems are being properly used to create extremely short pulses of light.

Positive Aspects

• It Efficiently cuts metal into fine pieces. One wants just several moments to slice commercial substances. The entire procedure is automatic.

• Laser Cutter aids the operator to contain the alloy better in comparison to all the mechanical chopping out process.

• The Cuts obtained via laser cutting process tend to be somewhat more precise when compared with the mechanical clipping process.


• The Process wants a great amount power that means high power bills.

• The Equipment needs to be handled very delicately as a small mistake can absolutely ruin its look and function.

• It May be harmful to the workers who come in contact with this machine.

Leading producers of Laser machines
• HAN’s Laser
• Hglaser
• Chutian Laser
• Lead Laser
• Bodor Laser
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