Be-ing landlord, then they must Secure the
landlords electrical certificate done as it is their lawful Duty to make sure all electrical parts of devices in your house are safe and maintained during the comprehensive tenancy. This accountability goes onto cover light plugs and fixtures, besides internal pipes.
The electric setup typically Comprises all the stationary electrical parts of gear, i.e., supplied as a result of the electricity meter of the meter. Just like several other aspects of the house, electrical setup functions as very well and moves on to manage some wear and tear with time, and so that needs to be suitably checked and kept.

Also, the EICR Report will be handy and of great usage.
EICR Report
An EICR report stands for an Electrical installation state report that’s produced if the periodic electric testing and inspection is carried out at a construction or any property by the certified electrician.
Who Have To Get Electric Testing Performed?
The regular electrical testing and also Inspection needs to be carried out by only electrical contractors who are approved by ECA or even NICEIC. The said Governing Bodies proceeds to evaluate electric contractors to produce sure they truly are capable and very effective at meeting pertinent security and specialized standards.
Can You Need The EICR Report?

It is Encouraged that the Regular Inspection along with the screening are completed at such days:
· National property — each ten Decades or the Reversal of occupancy
· Businesses — each five years or the change of occupancy
The periodic testing and inspection Should be carried out usually on unique sorts of installations like; 3 decades to your own industrial installation, or 1 year for hotels and restaurants.
Hopefully, This Guide Is Going to throw Light to your landlord’s electrical certificate and also the EICR report.